Video Game Trucks

Ohio Mobile Gaming’s “Cleveland Video Gaming Theater” is truly one-of-a-kind, equipped with (5)  TV’s and a digital photo booth ($49).  For $99, you can choose to have your pictures printed as well!  Our self-contained ‘party in a truck’ supports 16-20 players simultaneously.  Ask an OMG representative to help customize your party based upon the age and size of your group. Multiple items are discounted based upon your event needs.

View Photos of the Video Game Trucks

Self Contained

  • On-board generators supply all needed power
  • HVAC units along with a fully insulated shell provide comfortable conditions in any climate
  • No need for anything other than a place to park the game truck for the duration of the event!


  • Equipped with XBox One, Nintendo WiiU, and Sony PS4’s
  • Up to 20 players can play simultaneously
  • Professional sound systems are linked together for the ultimate experience during simultaneous gameplay
  • Interior stand-up gaming area for Wii and Kinect

All The Newest Game Releases

We will bring our inventory of games. Examples of some of the popular games are shown below:

  • First Player Shooters : Halo, Call of Duty Series, etc
  • Family Fun: Minecraft, Mario Kart, Wii Sports, Just Dance, Lego Series, Rocket League etc
  • Sports: Wii Bowling, Madden, Gran Turismo, 2K Sports Series
  • Bring Your Own!

Outside the Video Game Trucks

Inside the Video Game Trucks

Rental Rate

$350002hrs Gameplay

Additional Time


Digital Photo Booth Add-on


Printable Photo Booth Add-On