Water Tag

A fun and cool alternative to our traditional laser tag rentals is water tag. These water-tag vest / gun sets are hard to beat on a hot summer day! Just like laser tag, teams are chosen and war will begin. However there are no batteries or sensors – just your Water Tag vest that accumulates water each time you are hit and Water Warrior Blasters with pressurized reservoirs to hunt down your opponents!

We provide some seriously awesome water guns from Water Warriors (with a 40ft range) as pictured below! Whoever has the least water in their water gauge at the end of the battle wins. Remember…if it’s too hot outside for laser tag, call OMG now for water tag!

This Water Warriors Titan Water Blaster has a pressurized 900 ml reservoir with a semi-tracked pump which makes it longer lasting and easier to use than the water cannons pictured above! An easy pull trigger makes it simple enough for children 4 and up….but since it shoots a continuous stream up to 40 feet long, it’s perfect for a strategic grown-up battle! Set up your water filling stations and begin the battle.

Rental Rate

$7900Picked Up